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is limit defense is one of those responsibilities specifically reserved for the g. let cisco or somebody study robotic squirrelings. defense is what we count on them to do. there is it plenty of stuff to cut and they have to get back to protecting the people's rights not spending their money. >> how do we do this and we know it st. ridiculous and out of the hand and yet we have a senate, harry reid, you know you always postering -- posturing in the senate. they haven't passed a budget since 2009. you can't run your household. we have idiots in there. >> why hasn't the senate would a budget if four years? >> how long do we have? that is it a problem. we as the media contributed to the partisan if it is it a conversation of us against them it requires a cutting to the table and campaign finance reform and term limits. that would change the name of the conversation. when you do have special interest groups and lobbyist that are informing on what getless cut and doesn't. it is hard to have that conversation. in the defense budget. there is it plenty of waste there as well. we have to look sm
. apple can't sell more iphones by spending more money. it needs to avoid making acquisitions, cisco bought the flip camera business and it was a disaster because the company was under pressure to spend the money. the fact of sitting on the money is how well they are doing. >> i would say this is a big debate in corporate america. imelt addressed it in a world that you have to worry about terrorism you need to keep a lot of cash on hand. >> neil: sit good or bad sign to you? >> it's not good. tax reform would help, but i assure you apple is not afraid of repay tree eighting cash. that is not the issue for -- ever since he wrote that book. don't step on my parade. [ laughter ] >> up next, do you think it's too late to get in all that green in the parking ticket ma snshgt think again. stocks that charles and adam are buying with their own money on the line. they say you should, too. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. dro
responsibilities to reserved for the government. cisco let them study robotic squirrels. there is plenty of stuff to cut. but they need to protect individual rights and not spending people's money. >> i think the question is what do we do about this? we know it's ridiculous. we know it's out of hand. yet here we have a senate, here is harry reid always posturing at the senate. they haven't passed a budget since 2009. we don't even have a budget. you can't run your household without some kind of an idea where the money is coming from and where it is going. they don't know. >> neil: can you answer that. can you answer that why the senate hasn't passed a budget? >> i think we as the media contribute to the partisanship. i think it will require a coming to the table and i think the campaign finance reform and term limits, absolutely, that would change the name of the conversation because when you do have special interest groups, when you do have lobbyists that are informing what the cuts doesn't it's hard to have a good conversation. defense spending, there is plenty of waste there as well. we have t
. and hollywood mourns cisco flies half mast now that chavez is dead. will the pipes flow freely. cashin in starts right now. >> eric: hello, i'm eric bombing and also joins us is former senator and fox news contributor scott brown and carolyn joins us from the liberal wilderness. welcome everybody. washington keeps scaring us about the cuts, but they keep spending. tsa dropping a whopping $900 per uniform and keep hiring. three positions opening up at the department of ago debris culture. they want to grow bole worms. do i need to ask this, necessary or needless? >> it's not only needless but it's destructive. all these things scaring us about cutting used to be handled by the private markets anyway. the tsa didn't exist before 2001. it was private security. we ate meat in this country for 130 before inspectors in the early 1900s. and i don't think the federal employees to grow bole weevils. it doesn't rest on federal law library making $115,000 a year. >> eric: do we need three white house cali graphers? >> they should make those cuts. the president has turn i had down. he wants it to be on repu
this locked up. mark my words. it's coming. >> greg: before we break, venezuelan owned oil refiner cisco flew the flag outside of houston offices at half staff on wednesday. out of respect for hugo chavez. that gives me gas. sorry, andrea. lawmakers confront eric holder over killing americans on u.s. soil. can the administration legally do that? his answer next. on "the five." ♪ ♪ hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)